What Is A Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership? Auto Liquidators Plus

Learn what a buy here pay here used car dealership is and how one like Auto Liquidators Plus in Dallas, TX can help you get approved for a car today!

What Is a BHPH Car Dealer?

If you’ve been looking for a car loan in Dallas and your credit isn’t the best, you may have encountered the term “BHPH”. We won’t keep you in suspense, BHPH is an acronym for “Buy Here Pay Here” and it is a kind of used car dealership that can provide auto loans to people whose credit isn’t exactly the best.

What’s more important than the meaning is how a BHPH car dealer can help you. Auto Liquidators Plus is a BHPH car dealer, and one of the best you’ll find. We’ve been serving the greater Dallas area for almost 20 years, so we have the experience to handle even the most complicated credit situations.

The Buy Here Pay Here process is simple. Auto Liquidators Plus serves not only as the place you get your next ride, but the place you finance that ride. This means you’re not at the mercy of a big bank or the finance arm of a major auto manufacturer, whose only interest is your credit score.

As a BHPH car dealer, we can look past your credit score. That number is where you have been, we finance where you are going. That means, with a few documents, you could be on the Fast Track to financing a new ride. Yes, with everything in order, the entire process can be wrapped up over a lunch break.

What do you need to get a car loan in Dallas from Auto Liquidators Plus? We need the following: proof of income, proof of residence, six local references, and some form of official state photo identification. Let’s take a deeper look at these items.

Proof of income can be more than just a paystub from a job, though these are of course very welcome. If you can supply verification of income from other sources, Auto Liquidators Plus can still approve you. This includes things like social security documentation, pre-paid card statements, or pension documentation. If you have income from self-employment, bank statements can be used to verify it.

Your proof of residency can be a utility bill, lease, mortgage, or a piece of official mail. This is important because Auto Liquidators Plus is dedicated to serving our neighbors in the Dallas area. We have years of experience helping Dallas residents get car loans, and we can use that to find a solution for you.

Identification can be from any government source. This includes, but is not limited to, a Texas driver’s license. You could also use a state ID or a US passport. That’s right, you don’t need a driver’s license to get financed with Auto Liquidators Plus.

With these documents in hand, you could be through our Fast Track approval process in less than an hour. Imagine driving off one of our Dallas area used car lots in a new ride over your lunch break.

Get started with your BHPH car loan by filling our easy online pre-approval form. Don’t wait, at Auto Liquidators Plus you’ll see why we’re one place, one price, one speedy delivery!