Auto Liquidators Plus: Thanksgiving Recipes, Top Foods

Here at Auto Liquidators Plus, we would like to share our experiences and family recipes with you this Thanksgiving to kick start the holiday season!

Auto Liquidators Plus Top Thanksgiving Foods
November 14

It's that time of the year where friends and family gather to celebrate something to be thankful for. A fun filled day of football, games and great food await! Here at Auto Liquidators Plus, we would like to share our experiences and family recipes with you this Thanksgiving to kick start the holiday season!

Sweet Potatoes

A perennial favorite, sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving can be made a variety of ways. Some like them extra sweet with marshmallows and candied nuts while others like them roasted with more savory notes. Any way you enjoy them, they are always a crowd favorite. Check out some of these recipes to share with your friends and family!

sweet potato casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole

Interested in a sweet retreat? Look no further than this sweet potato casserole recipe for your Thanksgiving feast. Our advice? Swap the roasted pecans out for candied walnuts. You won't regret it!

Savory Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet not your thing? Then these roasted sweet potatoes are for you! Savory notes combined with crispy roasted perfection make this side dish a must have for Thanksgiving meals everywhere!


Often overlooked, baked goods like rolls, biscuits and cornbread are a necessity on the Thanksgiving dinner table. They pair well with any dish and are delicious when featured with butter or preserves! Whether you fancy a soft yeast roll or a hearty biscuit, Auto Liquidators Plus has your fix with these amazing recipes. Check them out!

rolls and food on table

Stuffing Biscuits

Want to try something new? This interesting recipe combines two Thanksgiving favorites into one delectable biscuit. Make sure to pair it with your favorite condiment (butter is the best!)

Soft Dinner Rolls

Going more traditional? This recipe for classic dinner rolls is sure to please!

Pumpkin Corn Bread

My family has always made cornbread at Thanksgiving. Not sure where that tradition started, but it is one I have passed on to my kids! For a unique touch on a classic staple, look no further than this pumpkin corn bread recipe.


No Thanksgiving feast would be complete without the centerpiece....turkey! There are many options available to help create the perfect turkey for your family gathering. From roasting to frying, our team has recommended their favorite methods for your gathering to enjoy!

roasted turkey on platter

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey (Roasted)

Roasted turkey on Thanksgiving is always a great go-to. Check out this take on the classic!

Deep Fried Turkey

Want to experiment a bit more? Try a deep fried turkey this year! This method cooks quicker, and in my opinion, results in a juicier turkey! Just make sure your turkey is thawed before you put it in the hot oil!

Unique Roast Beer Turkey

This take on turkey is unique and may not appeal to most, but if you are interested in stepping outside the box this holiday, this recipe is highly recommended! Complex flavors from your favorite brews are infused with savory notes from classic Thanksgiving spices. Give it a try!