Importance of Regular Filter Maintenance Auto Liquidators Plus

Learn why it’s important to keep your filters in top shape, from the air filter to the oil filter, with Auto Liquidators Plus in the DFW area.

The Importance of Regular Filter Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Filter Maintenance
We all know the importance of regular vehicle maintenance, but did you know that maintenance extends beyond oil changes? Regularly replacing your vehicle’s filters can be equally as important as getting your oil changed. Our maintenance experts at Auto Liquidators Plus have put together this handy guide to explain what each of these filters do and how to best maintain them.

Oil Filters

This is one of the most important and easiest to remember filters in your vehicle. The engine oil filter’s job is simple: it keeps your engine oil clean. Through regular use, your engine oil will pick up dirt, dust, metal shavings, and other impurities that can gum up your engine and reduce its efficiency. The oil filter removes these irritants, reducing the wear on your engine and increasing its lifespan. We recommend you change out the filter every time you get an oil change to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Engine Air Filters

Just like an athlete, your car needs plenty of clean air to perform properly. That’s where your engine air filter comes in. It filters out dust, bugs, and other road grit from getting into your engine. Clean air going into your engine leads to increased power, better performance, and higher fuel economy. Over time this filter will clog, leading to diminished benefits for your engine. Generally speaking, you should follow your vehicle’s maintenance guide to determine how often you should change your engine air filter, but you should consider changing it more often if you drive through heavy traffic, the desert, or go off-roading.

Cabin Air Filters

Our car’s engine needs clean air, and so do you! The cabin air filter reduces dust, smoke, and odors that might otherwise get into the cabin. This protects your lungs and helps prevent hazardous fumes from entering your vehicle. Typically, this filter needs to be changed every 15,000 to 25,000 miles, but you should consider changing it more often if you live in high-dust or high-pollution areas.

Fuel Filters

Filters aren’t all full of hot air. Your fuel filter removes impurities from the fuel that your engine runs on. These impurities can affect your vehicle’s performance, so it’s important to regularly replace this filter. They typically last longer than your other filters but be sure not to put it off for too long or you could encounter sluggish performance and engine damage.

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