Used Car Buying Checklist from Auto Liquidators Plus

Keep this list handy when you’re searching for a new car. Visit us in Arlington, TX for quality pre-owned cars, trucks, & SUVs at Auto Liquidators Plus!

Used Car Buying Checklist

At Auto Liquidators Plus, we only sell quality used cars that we believe will be safe and reliable for you and your family. Every vehicle on our lot has gone through our rigorous inspection process, and if we’re not satisfied, we don’t sell it! On top of that, we include up to a 30-month/30,000-mile limited powertrain warranty, so you can shop with confidence. Here's a quick glimpse "under the hood" at some of the basic items included on our vehicle inspection checklist. Feel free to bring it along when you visit one of our three locations so you can make an informed decision about a used car you'll be sure to love for many miles to come.


Thoroughly inspect the exterior of the vehicle. Open all doors, the hood, and the trunk to ensure they are all operating properly. Check for large scratches, dents, or areas of rust. Take note of the tire condition by checking for cracks, bulges, and tread depth. Turn on all lights, including brake lights, and be sure to look for cracks or chips in the windows and windshields.


Give the interior of the used car a big sniff to check for mold, must, or mildew that could indicate water or flood damage. Sit in all of the seats to check for torn upholstery or other issues, and make sure the driver’s seat adjusts properly. Turn on the car’s electronics and check the instrument panel. Turn on the engine and make note of any warning lights that stay on, and be sure to double-check the A/C performance. We all know how important that is in Texas!


Inspect the hoses for any holes or leaks, as well as the drive belts for fraying. Ensure there are no leaking fluids, including oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. Check the radiator for any leaks, as well as milky or rusty looking anti-freeze, which could indicate an issue with the radiator.


Now for the fun part! Get on the open road for a test-drive. This is a crucial step for two main reasons: to make sure the vehicle operates properly, and to make sure you enjoy driving it! Be on the lookout for unresponsive steering, jerky acceleration, and squeaking brakes. Be aware of any other unusual noises or vibrations, and make sure the transmission is shifting properly.

Now you have an idea of what we're looking for when we inspect used cars to add to our pre-owned inventory. Stop by Auto Liquidators Plus today and shop confidently! Auto Liquidators Plus is your destination in the greater DFW metroplex area for reliable pre-owned vehicles with a limited warranty. We have hundreds of used cars, trucks, and SUVs in stock, so check out our inventory online today! We also offer fast and easy financing. You can start the process right now by filling out this convenient online application. One Place, One Price, One Speedy Delivery!