Simple Tips to Help Your Used Car Look and Run Like New!

These tips will keep your used car running in top shape for years. Check out all we have to offer at Auto Liquidators in Dallas & Tyler, TX & beyond!

Simple Tips to Help Your Used Car Look and Run Like New

At Auto Liquidators Plus, we’re proud to provide quality, pre-owned vehicles for our customers in the greater Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex.  That’s why we include up to a 30-month, 30,000-mile Limited Warranty with every vehicle! Now that you’ve got your keys, here are some pointers to help keep your vehicle in good condition:

Wash Your Car Regularly

Regularly cleaning your car can keep it looking good AND running well. As you drive, your car picks up all kinds of dirt and debris from the road that can lead to wear on your tires, brakes, engine, paint - even the frame and undercarriage. Giving your car a thorough scrub once a month will help wash away harmful abrasives that can contribute to premature wear.  Be sure to give the interior some attention as well. A passenger compartment that’s clear of dust and clutter can make a vehicle feel new again. Setting aside a few extra minutes to take advantage of the vacuum service is an investment in your peace of mind!

Regular Maintenance

Whether you bring your car, truck or SUV to our expert automotive technicians, or perform basic car maintenance yourself, keeping up to date on factory recommended service is one of the biggest contributors to the mechanical soundness of your vehicle.

Proper vehicle maintenance such as the timely replacement of air filters, tires, and brakes can dramatically impact your car’s condition in the long run. For example, regularly changing the engine oil and filter reduces friction, which in turn reduces engine wear and provides better performance and fuel efficiency. That simple fluid change can increase your vehicle’s lifespan, and even help save you money on gas. Invest in car-care today and you’ll be prepared to tackle the road ahead tomorrow!

To find your next high-quality, pre-owned vehicle with up to a 30-month, 30,000-mile Limited Warranty INCLUDED, stop by one of our Auto Liquidators Plus stores conveniently located near Dallas, Fort Worth, Lancaster, Arlington, Oak Cliff, Grand Prairie, or Irving today! We make vehicle shopping simple by providing an easy credit application so you can get fully approved online! While you’re on our website browse our BIG selection of ready-to-roll inventory to choose the Auto Liquidators Plus vehicle that’s right for YOU!