Get to Know Arvin, Our Mascot at Auto Liquidators Plus

Learn about our mascot Arvin at Auto Liquidators Plus! Our mascot is here to help you get approved for a car at one of our 4 locations in DFW area & Tyler

Get to Know Arvin!

Arvin started out like any other armadillo, but he became so much more! Arvin was born in the Texas countryside with his three siblings. He was the runt of the litter, but he knew he was destined for great things!

After graduating from mascot school, Arvin made his way to the big city to find his fame and fortune. He rolled around between a few different jobs but nothing seemed like the right fit. He wanted to make a difference, to help people. Little did he know his life was about to change forever!

One fateful day, Arvin decided to buy a car. He knew he needed one, but had no idea how to get one. Who was going to sell an armadillo with no credit history a car?! He was turned down all over town before his friend told him about Auto Liquidators Plus. She had gotten a quality, pre-owned vehicle there with less than perfect credit!

Arvin walked into ALP with low expectations and told them about his situation. Then something amazing happened; he was APPROVED! He couldn’t believe it! Right then and there he knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to help other good people with credit issues get approved for the cars of their dreams.

Arvin’s been with ALP ever since, and he couldn’t be happier! Stop by today and experience the Auto Liquidators Plus difference for yourself!

Fun Fact #1: Arvin is a nine-banded armadillo, the state small mammal of Texas.

Fun Fact #2: His two favorite foods are small insects and fresh Maine lobster.