Fall Maintenance Tips for Cars From Auto Liquidators Plus

Here are some fall maintenance ideas for your favorite car, truck, or SUV to keep it in top shape as the weather turns cooler from Auto Liquidators Plus.

Fall Maintenance Tips

Summer is ending and summer vacations may have put some extra strain on your vehicle. It's a great idea to service your vehicle before winter sinks its teeth in. Here's a list of tips we recommend to keep your car running smoothly as the seasons change. Please exercise caution whenever performing maintenance on your vehicle.

  • Examine tires. Check tread depth, wear, and sidewalls. Make sure the tire pressures stay at the recommended level during colder winter months to optimize gas mileage and tire performance. For the most accurate pressure reading, check tire pressure before driving the vehicle. Unevenly worn tires are a sign that the vehicle suspension may be out of alignment. A "bubble" on the sidewall of a tire is a result of an impact - such as a pothole in the road. A sidewall "bubble" is a sign of internal tire damage which can increase the odds of a blowout; the tire should be replaced.
  • Check brake pads. Brake squeal during cold weather, periods of high moisture, or after the vehicle has sat un-driven for an extended period can be normal. However, If you hear persistent squealing, it may be a sign of worn brakes that need replacement.
  • Check lights. Make sure brake lights, taillights, headlights, parking lights, and emergency flashers are in good working order and replace lights that have stopped working.
  • Replace wiper blades. Cracked or worn blades can be hazardous. Many wiper blades now feature helpful wear indicators for replacement.
  • Change oil and air filter. This is a part of your vehicle's regular maintenance. It's always a good idea to ensure the service is up-to-date. Be sure to check your owner's manual to verify service intervals and oil weight.
  • Have the battery checked. The odds of a battery power failure increase during the colder winter months. Have your battery inspected by a trained professional who will spot things like corrosion or loose connections? Please be extremely careful and leave battery replacement to trained professionals.
  • Check all fluid levels. Washer fluid, antifreeze (also called engine coolant), transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluids all contribute to the safe operation of your vehicle. Replace them at the factory recommended intervals and keep them above minimum levels between services.

Servicing your vehicle at regular intervals keeps you driving safely all year long. Call the Auto Liquidators Plus service line at 469-789-5974 to schedule maintenance for your vehicle - we're happy to help!