Value Your Trade-In in the DFW and Tyler, TX Areas

Auto Liquidators Plus helps you value your trade-in in Dallas, Arlington and Tyler, TX. Learn how to find out what your car is worth!

We Value Your Trade-In in the DFW and Tyler, TX Areas

Auto Liquidators Plus’s Trade-In Appraisals

One of the best ways to offset the purchase of a new vehicle is by trading in your existing vehicle. When you trade in your current vehicle, we can give you credit towards any vehicle on our lot. The first step is understanding your car’s value. Auto Liquidators Plus offers this guide to help you value your trade-in in Dallas, Arlington, and Tyler, Texas. Visit one of our dealerships and get your trade-in appraisal today!

Understanding What Your Car Is Worth

The first thing to do when you decide to trade in your car is to find out what it is worth. Many websites will claim to give you the value of your vehicle. While these tools can give you a good baseline for the value of your trade-in, they are not very accurate when determining the value of your specific vehicle. Many factors that affect the value will be unique to your vehicle. Comparing it to others or the generic Kelly Blue Book value could give you an inflated sense of the vehicle’s value.

What Will Affect the Value of My Car?

Several factors will impact the value of your trade-in. When a dealership is buying a vehicle, it determines the worth of the vehicle based on specific qualities that affect the car’s resale value. Damage and extensive wear will reduce the value of your vehicle, while routine maintenance and low mileage will increase the vehicle’s value. Some of the things that affect your used car trade-in value include:

  • Year, Make, and Model
  • Condition
  • Milage
  • Damage
  • Enhancements Made to the Vehicle
  • Necessary Service and Repairs

What to Expect From the Trade-In Process

When you decide to visit an automotive dealership for a trade-in appraisal, there are specific steps that you will go through. Knowing those steps ahead of time can help relieve stress and mentally prepare you for the trade-in appraisal process. The process includes:

  • Research Your Car’s Value: Do some background research to get a general idea of what your car is worth. Don’t be surprised if your particular vehicle is worth less than you see online if it has high mileage, damage, or other issues.
  • Bring Your Car to Us: Bring your vehicle to Auto Liquidators Plus in Dallas, Arlington, or Tyler, Texas. Tell us that you want to trade in your car. We’ll get some information about your vehicle and take it from there.
  • Inspecting Your Vehicle: We’ll give your vehicle a brief inspection to assess its milage, level of wear, and overall condition. If you would like us to perform repairs before appraising your trade-in, we have a world-class service center.
  • We Give You an Offer: You’ll receive a detailed offer for your vehicle based on the condition, age, and mileage.
  • Drive Off the Lot in Your New Car: Once you accept our offer, you can pick out your new vehicle. After that, it’s just a matter of driving off the lot in your new car, truck, or

How Can I Increase the Trade-In Value of My Car?

If you are interested in increasing the trade-in value of your vehicle, there are some reliable ways to make your vehicle more appealing. First, routine maintenance is the best way to keep your car in top condition throughout its life. Before trading in your vehicle, you may want to have it inspected for minor repairs. Most importantly, clean and wash your car before taking it to a dealership. You want to make every inch of it as appealing as possible.

Serving Dallas, Arlington, and Tyler, TX

Auto Liquidators Plus has become a household name across The Lone Star State for quality used vehicles. Over the last 30-plus years, we have expanded and grown a lot, providing excellent pre-owned vehicles to new communities every chance we get. Our locations currently include:

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Now that you understand how to assess the value of your trade-in and maximize what your car is worth, it’s just a matter of visiting us for a trade-in appraisal. Maybe you can even take a test drive in one of our vehicles while you wait! Don’t hesitate another moment. To schedule a trade-in appointment ahead of time, fill out a trade-in contact form or call us today!